The Premier Source for Quality Replacements

Offering 65 bred and 30 open
Virginia Premium Assured heifers
with 50 fall cow/calf pairs.

     AI Service Sires :

     * GAR Prophet
     * GAR Composure
     * Hoover Dam
     * Kesslers Frontman R001
     * Werner War Party 2417
     * AAR Ten X 7008 S A
     * WHS Limelight 64V

* Sired by bulls with better than average growth traits
* Heifers bred to calving ease bulls with above average growth
* Documented pedigree and health history
* Vaccinations:  brucellosis, IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, 7-way
* Pelvic measured and BVD-PI tested on both open & bred heifers
* Bred heifers guaranteed safe with calf day of sale
* Open heifers guaranteed open day of sale & ready to breed
* Cows with calves, less than six years old and with same strict standards as heifers
* Calf sires and cow pedigrees listed
* We work a little harder to grow better females so that when you take them to your home, you can expect they’ll work hard for you. 


For more information Contact:

Donnie Baker—Sale Manager @ 276-236-4685
Jamie Cassell, DVM  @ 276-236-0049
Jason Cassell— Sale Chairman @ 276-768-8169
Kevin Spurlin– Extension Advisor @ 276-773-2491
Steve Pottorff—Extension Advisor @ 276-730-3113

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